Ice-cream “Mājas” and “Brainstorm” (Prāta Vētra)

Having become a co-partner of “Brainstorm” (Prāta Vētra) brand concert tour, ice-cream “Mājas” improved its public image and increased sales volume in summer 2015. In addition to the gained result, this project served as an awesome example of brands’ cooperation that gave additional values to the parties involved and to our community in general.

In 2015, “Brainstorm” (Prāta Vētra”) created a new album “7 steps of fresh air” (7 soļi svaiga gaisa) and then made a concert tour in four Latvian cities. Ice-cream “Mājas” was integrated into CD and concert-tour campaign. It presented in all the concerts given exclusive trading places. In addition the ice-cream company created a trading campaign in the shops, providing with an opportunity to win “Brainstorm” (“Prāta Vētra”) merchandising.

“Mājas” published the photos of visitors with the band’s songs texts in its social networks profile after the concerts for the purposes to create an added value to common photos ice-cream.

Within this cooperation project ice-cream “Mājas”, “Prāta Vētra” and charity webpage “Snowfake” implemented a social project. As a result more than 50 needy families from all the Latvian regions attended “Brainstorm” concerts.