“Ergo” insurance company – partnership and integration with "Riga 2014"

When Riga was the European Capital of Culture in 2014, “Ergo” became one of the partners of “Rīga 2014”. This cooperation was a brilliant example of sponsorship.

From the very beginning:
- there was a clear idea, what exactly the sponsor wants to communicate to the audience within this partnership,
- a balanced budget invested into the partnership and self-presentation,
- a clearly defined form of activation.

“Rīga 2014” was a wide platform, where the supporters had a plenty of ways to approve themselves. However there was a probability to get lost in trivial matters, in case the integration is unduly arranged.
“Ergo” insurance company was announced as an official insurer of “Rīga 2014”. Besides the sponsor investments, “Ergo” provided with the insurance all the arranged events of “Rīga 2014”, which allowed PR to communicate the status of an official insurer in relation to the most ambitious events. And certainly, there was integration in a vast ATL campaign.
Taking into consideration that the events of diverse level and size were implemented within “Rīga 2014” project, it was of importance to find such a direction of activities, which would allow to be flexible, to be involved into most events, and of course the main idea uttered with the help of these activities, which is concordant to the company’s values and ideology. Matching together all the above mentioned aspects, two directions were created:
1. Secured and insured bicycle parking, which allows the event participants to arrive on their bicycles and not to worry on their placement and safety during the event.
2. “Ergo” children safety school, which teaches the children traffic safety rules.

Bearing in mind that the target audience of every activity is different, that allowed to be involved in the events of diverse format. In total “Ergo” has integrated into twenty most significant cultural events directly communicating a vast public. 
Having implemented the project of the year of culture, “Ergo” went on with the activating directions in 2015 and cooperated with “Brainstorm” (“Prāta Vētra”) in their concerts, and in the largest event in the regions.
In 2016, “Ergo” made a strategic decision – their primary concern was children and their safety. Safety cycling principles were elaborated in cooperation with CSDD. These principles were integrated into the cycling school for little cyclists. Over 2000 children attended “Ergo” cycling school, getting known fundamental principles and knowledge of safety cycling, in summer in seven Latvian cities.