“Super VIVA” campaign in the Baltic states

Accepting the challenge of “Super VIVA” the agency developed a branding campaign in the Baltic states. The entire campaign was based on sponsoring. Afterwards the created platform was integrated into outdoor advertising, shop materials, and digital campaign.
The fundamental idea was to involve pop idols into communication, providing an added value to the brand. 

Popular bands of young musicians were involved into the project: “Carnival Youth” in Latvia, “Colours of Bubbles” in Lithuania, and “Cartoon” in Estonia. Young and admired musicians were integrated into the communication with the motto “Taste the new”, associating it both with the new bands and ice-cream.

One of the successful stories of this campaign is correctly chosen information channels, attracting the most popular Youtuberus among the youth. The total number of their followers in the Baltic States is over 100 000 young people. Youtubers followed the events and reported on the current activities to the public.